The Culinary Tourism Alliance (CTA) is a not-for-profit, industry led and industry leading association that, for the last decade, has been developing world-class food tourism strategies and implementation plans, experiential food tourism product development, industry education and training, as well as strategic partnership development.


We’re global experts in developing a destination’s ‘taste of place’ into a comprehensive tourism experience that fosters local economic development and positions the destination as a food tourism destination. We have extensive experience preparing and executing product development, economic development and culinary / food tourism strategies and tactical plans. Our team understands the demographics and expectations of the global food tourist. We have considerable experience on the ground, working with the stakeholders and departments of both tourism and agriculture  to develop viable and successful tourism products.

At the foundation of CTA’s approach is the importance of financial sustainability. To ensure that our recommendations for development are successful, significant attention is paid to economic growth factors and current tourism trends. Our approach to strategic planning and product development incorporates stakeholder engagement at key points throughout all projects.

In addition to completing our provincial 2005 – 2015 Ontario Culinary Tourism Strategy in 2015, we have developed products including Prince Edward County’s Award Winning Taste Trail, the critically acclaimed Blue Mountains Apple Pie Trail, and our own Feast On™ designation program, to name a few.

We are members of the United Nations World Food Tourism Alliance Gastronomic Tourism Network (and an UNWTO Affiliate Member) recently participating in the 2nd Forum on Gastronomic Tourism. In 2015, we partnered with Skift to develop the report: Rise of Food Tourism that further supports our expertise in developing “taste of place”.


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