Looking for more resources with which to grow food tourism in your destination? We’ve compiled a list of relevant grants in Canada and internationally which your business may be eligible to apply for.




Rural Economic Development (RED) Program
The province is now accepting applications for the renewed RED program, which bolsters economic growth in rural and Indigenous communities across Ontario by providing support for projects that allow rural municipalities and partners to diversify and grow their local economies.

Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund
The Ontario government, through the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, helps not-for-profit organizations cover the marketing and promotional costs of their new attraction or special event.

Tourism Development Fund
Supports projects which result in investment attraction, product and experience development and industry capacity building. (Last updated: May 2015)

Ontario Association of Community Futures Organizations
Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDC) are often a funding alternative for tourism based initiatives, providing loans for up to $150,000. CFDCs also provide small business counselling for start-ups including trained counsellors and a resource library to assist in creating a business plan.

Heritage Organization Development Grant Program
An annual operating grant program administered through the Culture Programs Unit of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. It is designed to promote public awareness of Ontario’s rich and diverse heritage.

Tourism Industry Partners Program (TIPP)
This program provides financial assistance for marketing campaigns that include tourism-marketing activities. The program encourages increased visits and spending from overnight and out-of-province visitors.

Culture Development Fund
The Culture Development Fund seeks to strengthen cultural organizations and their leadership, helping them to increase their knowledge and skills. (Last updated: 2014, “not accepting applications until further notice”)

Growing Forward 2
The GF2 programs focuses on innovation, competitiveness and market development to ensure Canadian producers and processors have the tools and resources they need to continue to innovate and capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

Local Food Fund
The Local Food Fund provides funding for innovative projects that support the achievement of increased awareness; demand for and access to local food.

New Directions Research Program
This program offers funding for research that stimulates the sustainable growth and competitiveness of Ontario’s agri-food, agri-business and rural sectors. Currently not accepting applications; next call for proposals is expected in Fall 2016.

Ontario Trillium Foundation
These grants are for community-based initiatives that help build healthy and vibrant communities throughout Ontario. Grants such as seed grants and collective impact grants are available for projects within six identified areas of action: active people, connected people, green people, inspired people, promising young people, prosperous people.

Canada 150 Fund
The goal of the Canada 150 Fund is to create opportunities for Canadians to participate in local, regional, and national celebrations that contribute to building a sense of pride and attachment to Canada.

Ontario Arts Council – Craft Project Connections
The program aims to fund projects that represent a range of craft-based practices including art forms that are functional, conceptual, sculptural, design-based or those that preserve or further craft traditions.

Eastern Ontario Development Fund
The Eastern Ontario Development Fund gives money to businesses, municipalities, and not-for-profit organizations for economic development in Eastern Ontario. The fund supports projects that: create jobs, encourage innovation, collaboration and cluster development, attract private sector investment.

Southwestern Ontario Development Fund
The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund gives money to businesses, municipalities, and not-for-profit organizations for economic development in Southwestern Ontario. The fund supports projects that: create jobs, encourage innovation, collaboration and cluster development, attract private sector investment.

Northern Business Opportunity Program
The Northern Business Opportunity Program supports the vision of the Growth Plan for Northern Ontario by encouraging business productivity and expansion, and global investment in northern communities. 

Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund
Not-for-profit organizations, First Nations and Métis communities can get a government grant for local projects that help protect and restore the Great Lakes.

British Columbia

BC Government’s Buy Local Program
The $8 million Buy Local Program offers funding in 2016/17 for BC’s agriculture, food and seafood sectors to enhance local marketing efforts to increase consumer demand and sales of BC agrifoods.

Agricultural Area Planning Program
This special funding program supports projects that enable the development of agricultural area plans within British Columbia municipalities and regional districts. Applications for funding must be submitted by a municipality or regional district or an alliance between a local/regional government and an agriculture organization.

Tourism Events Program
Tourism Events Program is designed to support world class events that can enhance the volume of visitors to British Columbia and increase global recognition for the province.

Northern Development Initiative Trust – Business Façade Improvement
Provides annual grant funding for municipalities and regional districts with a combined regional development account. Annual funding of $20,000 is available to each municipality and regional district to enhance economic development by encouraging private sector investment in businesses façade improvements. 

SIDIT Grant Program
The Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust (SIDIT) grant program provides non-repayable funding for municipalities, regional districts, First Nations, registered non-profit societies, institutions, and industry associations to support regionally strategic investments in economic development projects that will have long-lasting and measurable regional benefits for the Southern Interior.  

Arts, Culture & Heritage Grants (Kelowna)
The purpose of these grants is to enrich the art, culture, and heritage experience for Kelowna residents. Eligible organizations must be incorporated as a non-profit society and operate primarily in Kelowna.



Economic Assistance Fund for Lac-Mégantic
The fund aims to support the economic development and tourism of the city of Lac-Mégantic. More specifically, it has the following objectives: develop and diversify the economy; revitalize entrepreneurial activity; develop the tourist offer; help create and maintain jobs; foster the return and retention of young people; support the development of cultural heritage.
**French Only

Quebec Economic Development Program
The Quebec Economic Development Program (QEDP) supports the economic development of businesses and regions (broad scale grant).



Community Facility Enhancement Program
The Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) assists with fostering the unique characteristics of Alberta’s many communities. The aim of the program is to: Reinvest revenues generated from provincial lotteries into communities, empower local citizens and community organizations to work together, respond to local needs.

Community Initiatives Program
The Community Initiatives Program (CIP) assists with fostering the unique characteristics of Alberta’s many communities. The aim of the program is to: Reinvest revenues generated from provincial lotteries into communities, empower local citizens and community organizations to work together, respond to local needs.

Historic Resource Conservation Grants
Historic Resource Conservation grants provide project funding for: conservation of Alberta’s historic places, architectural and/or engineering services, studies reports or plans associated with the conservation of the historic place, matching grants are awarded up to 50% of eligible costs.

Heritage Awareness Grants
Heritage Awareness grants support tangible initiatives that promote awareness of Alberta’s history and that will have a lasting impact.



Business Development Program
The Business Development Program (BDP) can help you start up, expand, or modernize your business. Focusing on small- and medium-sized enterprises, the BDP provides access to capital in the form of interest-free repayable assistance. Most business sectors are eligible except retail/wholesale, real estate, government services, and services of a personal or social nature.

Seed Capital Initiative
If you are a young entrepreneur (between 18 and 34) living in Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton, Halifax or St. John’s, the Seed Capital Initiative may be able to help you start, expand or modernize your business. Older than 35 and looking to start up a new business in these cities? The Seed Capital Initiative may also be able to help. Eligible clients of all ages may also access business training and counseling.

CBDC Social Enterprise Loan
Social enterprise development has always been one of the primary objectives of the Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC). Central to strong and sustainable community development is the creation of active and vibrant rural communities where people can live, work, and enjoy social activities right where they live. CBDCs are proud to support the development and growth of Social Enterprises by helping to arrange loans and financing and by providing access to other business development services and resources.

Bonavista Institute for Cultural Tourism — Courses
If you have a cultural tourism business in one of the Atlantic provinces, you could get up to 50% for training costs up to a maximum of $1,500 at the Bonavista Institute for Cultural Tourism.


Nova Scotia

Creative Industries Fund
The Creative Industries Fund invests in businesses and not-for-profits focused on growth designed to achieve global competitiveness and sustained export activity. The fund supports single projects as well as year-long proposals by professional organizations who seek to further commercialization and export growth.

Industry Development Funding
Focused on strengthening the tourism industry, Tourism Nova Scotia provides cost-sharing assistance to enhance the quality of tourism services, businesses and products through market-readiness initiatives, such as study tours, and best-practice missions, seminars, workshops, conferences, mentoring and mystery shop assessments.

Tour Operator Partnership Program
This program provides opportunities to partner in the strategic marketing of packaged products in Nova Scotia’s key markets. The program is available to support travel trade operators on those initiatives which clearly complement Nova Scotia’s tourism priorities based on submitted proposals.

World-Class Experience: EXCELLerator Partner Program
This pilot program is designed to develop world class experiences that differentiate Nova Scotia and appeal to the Free Spirit segment, as well as create marketing assets to promote new experiences to potential visitors in 2017-18.


New Brunswick

Heritage Place – Conservation Grant
The Built Heritage Program is directed at conservation-related aspects of built heritage rehabilitation projects. Built Heritage includes heritage buildings and heritage landscapes.


Prince Edward Island

Cluster Development Program
At its core, cluster development is about companies coming together locally to do business globally. It involves firms within a concentrated geographical area establishing close linkages and bringing their individual strengths, infrastructure and human resources.

Incoming Buyers Program – International
Anticipated Goals & Outcomes: Assist enterprises in meeting their international business development goals and to enhance revenue generation potential. Introduce new buyers and prospective business partners to the region. Seek out and expose new market opportunities. Leverage Trade Team PEI and other trade missions, trade shows and existing federal-provincial support programs.

Small Business Loan
This program is designed to meet the special needs of the Prince Edward Island’s small business community and entrepreneurs for the following purposes: purchase and/or acquisition of business, expansion, debt consolidation, new construction.

Tourism Loan
This program is designed to meet the special needs of the Prince Edward Island’s small business community and entrepreneurs for the following purposes: purchase and/or acquisition of business, expansion, debt consolidation, new construction.


Newfoundland & Labrador

Community Partner Funding
The Conservation Corps searches for projects that meet the following criteria; involve the enhancement, restoration and sustainable development of natural or cultural resources; provide young people with an opportunity to develop leadership, teamwork and employment skills; and demonstrate broad community / regional support and partnerships.

Investment Attraction Fund
The Investment Attraction Fund (“Fund”) is designed to attract large-scale businesses and foreign direct investment (“FDI”) to the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador (“the province”).  It provides customized financial assistance to inward investors in support of establishing a business in the province or expanding a business as a result of FDI.  The Fund consists of an allocation for loans and advances towards strategic investments in infrastructure support costs, human resource costs or other costs, as determined by the Department of Business, Tourism, Culture, and Rural Development.

Regional Development Fund
The Department of Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development provides support to organizations by way of non-repayable contributions for projects aimed at supporting economic development, innovation and capacity building in all regions of the province. The Regional Development Fund is comprised of two components: the Regional Development Program and Community Capacity Building.

Business Investment Fund
The Department of Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development (BTCRD) recognizes business and sector development as the key to economic development. The Business Investment Fund provides a source of funding to business and economic sectors that responds to the changing needs of enterprises. The Business Investment Fund is comprised of two components: the Business Investment Program and the Business Development Support Program.

Fisheries Loan Guarantee Program
The Fisheries Loan Guarantee Program supports the development of the province’s independent fish harvesting industry by providing a government guarantee on loans through local chartered banks for the construction or purchase of marine vessels and/or to purchase new engines and fishing equipment for the improvement, rebuilding or alteration of existing vessels. Loans may also be approved to refinance loans previously obtained from fish processors for fixed asset costs.


United States

The Farmers Market Promotion Program
The purpose of the Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP) is to increase domestic consumption of, and access to, locally and regionally produced agricultural products, develop new market opportunities for farm and ranch operations.

Local Food Promotion Program
The Local Food Promotion Program (LFPP) offers grant funds with a 25% match to support the development and expansion of local and regional food business enterprises to increase domestic consumption of, and access to, locally and regionally produced agricultural products, and to develop new market opportunities for farm and ranch operations serving local markets.

Rural Business Development Grants
RBDG is a competitive grant designed to support targeted technical assistance, training and other activities leading to the development or expansion of small and emerging private businesses in rural areas that have fewer than 50 employees and less than $1 million in gross revenues. Programmatic activities are separated into enterprise or opportunity type grant activities.



Regional Marketing Grant Funding
The Supporting Brands of our Key Regions Grant Funding program will assist regions to develop sustainable region-specific marketing activities that support the collaboration and development of South Australia’s food, wine and culinary tourism industries.
**South Australia Exclusive

Agribusiness Growth Program
Food South Australia on behalf of Primary Industries and Regions SA is delivering the Agribusiness Growth Program to support small enterprises (with a turnover of $300,000-$1.5m) in the value adding agriculture, food and beverage industries. The program aims to accelerate business growth, through expert business evaluation and coaching services for activities that will have a direct impact on your growth that would have not otherwise been undertaken.

**South Australia Exclusive

Regional Cluster Fund
The Co-Innovation Cluster Program is a new State Government regional development initiative to support local regional agriculture, food and wine businesses to become more collaborative, productive and globally competitive. This initiative aims to improve the long term growth and competitiveness of South Australian agriculture, food and wine industries by establishing a regional co-innovation cluster pilot program, starting in the Murraylands and Riverland, and Limestone Coast regions.
**South Australia Exclusive


United Kingdom


Tourism cooperation grants: Growth Programme

These grants are to improve cooperation in the rural tourism sector so that destinations increase visitor numbers. New cooperation projects must be sustainable after grant funding stops.

Small-scale tourism infrastructure grants: Growth programme
These grants are to help tourism grow in rural areas by attracting more visitors and for them to stay longer. Tourism infrastructure projects must be sustainable after grant funding stops.


Highlands and Islands Enterprise Funding
HIE will consider applications for financial assistance from account managed businesses, social enterprises and communities, and towards identified transformational projects. HIE’s financial assistance will be directed towards the sectors identified in the Scotland’s Economic Strategy: Creative Industries, Energy, Business Services, Food and Drink, Life Sciences, and Tourism. We look to support projects which accelerate private sector-led business investment, which target wealth creation through increased employment and enhanced quality of jobs, and which improve productivity and efficient use of resources.

VisitScotland Year of Food and Drink Growth Fund
The Year of Food and Drink 2015 was part of a series of Scottish Focus Years, which aim to celebrate the best of Scotland and its people. The first Year of Food and Drink in 2010 attracted over 500,000 to its programme of events, from both home and abroad. The Fund is administered as part of VisitScotland’s main goal, and aims to support well-organised and innovative marketing campaigns that: Raise awareness and promote the use of quality Scottish produce at home and abroad, increase the use of Scottish produce, increase satisfaction levels with Scotland’s food and drink offering amongst visitors, increase visitor spend on food and drink.

Tourism Business Improvement District
A Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) provides a sustainable financial model to help tourism businesses work and invest collectively to support the growth and development of local tourism. A TBID can be developed across a group of businesses in an area or Destination Management Organisation. It gives local tourism businesses a voice and a financial stake in the future direction of tourism in their area.


Sustainable Production Grant Scheme
We have designed this scheme to help farmers improve the economic and environmental performance of their agricultural holding in line with the Welsh Government’s and agriculture industry in Wales’ vision for more sustainable, profitable and resilient farm businesses.


European Union

Green Key
Eco-label awarded for environmental management of touristic infrastructures. European programs aiming to encourage the managers to adopt good practices in their management, reward best initiatives and single out dynamic campsites or hotels in the field of environmental management.

Life – (4.) Actions Grants
Actions grants strengthening European environment and climate action policy and legislation through different categories of projects.

Cosme – (1.)
New 2014-2020 Programme for the competitiveness of enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises.