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Danielle Brodhagen

Senior Product Developer

Danielle lives to travel and loves to eat. Her passion for food led to a 15-year career in hospitality. Danielle worked with the Culinary Tourism Alliance as the Director of Product Development for two years supporting food tourism development projects in the Haliburton Highlands, Windsor Essex & Pelee Island and Central counties to name a few. Danielle has returned to the CTA as a Senior Food Tourism Developer on a project basis. Prior to joining the CTA, she spent five years developing Stratford's Culinary Tourism Program and was the founder and the force behind the award winning Savour Stratford Perth County Culinary Festival and past co-chair of Slow Food Perth County. After graduating from Queen's University, Danielle traveled to India and Nepal, searching for spice markets, fish markets and night food markets. In Southeast Asia, she used Anthony Bourdain 'A Cook's Tour' as her guidebook to join the locals at off the beaten path restaurants and street food stalls. Danielle lived in Japan for three years as an English teacher, followed by a year in Australia before moving back to her hometown of Stratford. It was in Australia that she was introduced to farm to table cuisine and the slow food movement. Danielle and her husband, Paul and 6-year old daughter, Elloise believe in eating seasonally and enjoy spending weekends visiting with farmers at local markets. Their family spent six weeks eating their way through Japan, Thailand and the UK and return to Asia to travel to Taiwan in December. Since Paul loves to cook, Danielle and Elloise live a good life! Their biggest challenge moving to the big city is leaving their deep freeze full of the eighth of a cow and half a heritage pig they just purchased from their farmer friends...and their wine cellar full of Danielle's favourite Ontario pinot noir!